Season 1, Episode 5: Jack

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Rating: 5.6

Susan, Cruise Line Executive
Jack, Magician
Thumper, Sportscaster
Vicki, Interior Decorator
Matt, Hotel Manager
David, Restaurant Owner
Leila, Producer


Written and Directed by David Frankel

Guest starring Michael Weatherly as Jack, Alexondra Lee as Vicki, Lisa Edelstein as Leila

Co-starring Howard Flamm as Jeff, Timothy Hawkins as Vic, Mark O'Brien as Guy


Thumper: "I have to go to an engagement party for this girl Vicki that I went out with in high school."
Susan: "Who didn't you go out with in high school?"
Thumper: "Easy!"

Vicki: "High school was the best time of my life: the best friendships, the best parties, the best sex...."
Thumper: "Yeah, we had our share of afternoon delight."

Jack: "You're involved with someone?"
Susan: "No. No."
Jack: "Are you sure?"
Susan: "No. I mean yes. I mean I'm... I'm not. I mean I was, but now I'm not. So I'm not. No."
Jack: "So I can see you again."
Susan: "Yes. Yes."

Jack: "Everybody hates magicians."
Susan: "I know, what is it with that? That just seems so unfair."
Jack: "Well, I understand it. Magic's all about fooling people. People hate to be fooled. They always think they're gonna see how you do it, and when they don't, it makes them angry."

David: "Any chance that you could pick me up at the United terminal? I get in at 5:45."
Susan: "AM? You must think I'm still you're girlfriend."

Susan: "He can't still be in love with me, can he?"
David: "How can I still be in love with her anyway?"

Leila to David: "I knew if I saw you I'd want to sleep with you again."
Thumper: "I like women from New York, they get right to the point!"

David: "There are boundaries even Thumper won't cross."
Thumper: "Deep down I'm a very moral person."
David: "I don't know what they are yet, but I'm convinced they exist."

David: "Hold on to your dignity."
Thumper: "What little I have left."

Thumper: "Turns out a guy having a heart attack in real life looks exactly like a guy having a heart attack in the movies."

Thumper: "Nothing like doing mouth to mouth on a guy who chain smokes cigars."

David: "I had to make something up, just to preserve my own dignity."
Thumper: "What little he had left."

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