Season 1, Episode 4: Jamie

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Rating: 6.5

Matt, Hotel Manager
Jamie, Tennis Pro
Thumper, Sportscaster
Susan, Cruise Line Executive
Heather, Ceramic Artist
Rick, Building Contractor
Nestor, Musician


Written and Directed by David Frankel

Guest starring Tamara Craig Thomas as Jamie, Lynn Clark as Heather, David Packer as Rick

Co-starring Nando del Castillo


Thumper: "Why am I so different than them? Why haven't I ever had a serious relationship that broke up? How come I never had a serious relationship period?"

Jamie: "My mother always said, never go out with a man better looking than you are."

Heather: "Everybody makes mistakes. That's why I love working with clay. If you're disappointed, you just pound it a few times and start over."
Rick: "She pounded me a few times and we started over."

Jamie: "The truth is, I was falling in love with Thumper. Who knows, maybe I'd always been in love with Thumper and it just took that fight with Nestor to make me realize it."
Thumper: "Thank you, Nestor."

Thumper: "She just doesn't do it for me. I mean, the periscope doesn't go up for her."
Susan: "Maybe you don't want it to go up."
Thumper: "See, that right there is proof that you don't understand men."

Susan: "It's hard to be honest with the people you're close to."
Matt: "It's harder to get them to listen."

Matt: "I can't believe Susan wears lace panties. She seems more like a good ol' fashioned cotton girl."

Thumper: "For the first time in my life I made love to a woman and tried not to think about baseball."

Rick: "I wept through the whole thing."
Matt: "Who dreamed he's be such a weeper."

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