Season 1, Episode 3: David

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Rating: 7.3

Carlotta, Realtor
Susan, Cruise Line Executive
David, Restaurant Owner
Matt, Hotel Manager
Emilio, Chef
Thumper, Sportscaster
Felix, Lawyer
Rosalie, Hat Shop Owner


Written and Directed by David Frankel

Guest starring Gladis Jimenez, Carolos Gomez

Also starring Peter Paul de Leo as Emilio, Adriana Schreiner as Rosalie

Co-starring David Caprita as Walter, Myk Watford as Jermo, Damaris Justamante as Clerk, Ed Amatrudo as waiter, and Cisco as deputy

Featured Music: "Avalon" by Roxy Music, while David and Susan are dancing at the wedding


Susan: "The closet space is incredible."
David: "Well, I was sort of hoping for more of a view."
Susan: "I really want closets."
David: "Well, I really want a view."

David: "Emilio studied cooking for years in Paris where he fell in love with French women."
Emilio: "I became strangely attracted to women who don't hsave their body hair. It's hard to find the woman of your dreams."
Susan: "It's harder to find the apartment of your dreams."

Rosalie: "We made love in the afternoons, and always after I would cry tears of happiness."
Thumper: "I've been with a few criers. It's kind of disturbing."

David: "Here we are, toasting two of the happiest and possibly most reckless people on earth."

David: "I can be talked out of anything with sex."
Thumper: "With women it's shoes. Go figure."

David: "So I'm sitting there with this diamond ring in my hand and my heart pounding in my chest..."
Thumper: "Why do guys get all nervous? Most girls want that ring so bad they can taste it."
David: "And I'm thinking, do I just hand it to her? Do I get down on one knee?"
Thumper: "I say toss it in a cup of ice-water and let 'em bob for it."

Matt: "That ring was like the Maltese Falcon. It brought them nothing but grief."

Carlotta: "I was very clear with Felix that I had no intentions of resuming our relationship."
Felix: "I still remained hopeful."
Thumper: "He still remained scary."

David: "Lord knows the world needs more hats."

David: "What makes anybody think they're ready to get married?"
Thumper: "Alcohol's probably a big factor."

David: "It's not a good sign when all you sex is make-up sex."

David: "What's really sad is I'm thirty-six years old and suddenly I have no idea what I'm doing with my life."
Susan: "Well, you could always go back to being a lawyer."
David: "I'd rather stick a fork in my eye."
Susan: "Well, now you got a lot of extra forks to do that with."
David: "Thanks."

David: "I took that job in L.A., 'cause it's like, you know, warm there."

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