Season 1, Episode 2: Thumper

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Rating: 7.4

Thumper, Sportscaster
David, Restaurant Owner
Matt, Hotel Manager
Susan, Cruise Line Executive
Yancy, Illustrator
Gina, Marketing Executive
Girlfriend #1
Girlfriend #2
Girlfriend #3
Girlfriend #4


Written and Directed by David Frankel

Guest starring Nina Garbiras as Yancy

Also starring
Debbie Campbell as Gina
Bob Small as divorce lawyer
Sherry Harper as Nikki
Tian Kitchen as girlfriend #1
Magda Hernandez as girlfriend #2
Zoe Somers as girlfriend #3
Gwendolyn Osborne as girlfriend #4
Cisco as Deputy


Matt: "We never had big ugly blow-out fight, we just pecked each other to death."
Yancy: "It got to the point where his idea of a loving gesture was to leave a mint on my pillow."

David: "You're naked with this person you're just not used to being naked with."
Susan: "I told him to pull the shades and turn the lights off."
David: "I said no to the blindfold."
Susan: "That's the only thing he said no to."

Gina: "He said, 'Goodnight, I'll call you tomorrow.'"
Thumper: "I said I'll call you. I didn't say tomorrow. I NEVER say tomorrow."

Thumper: "She just seemed so helpless."
David: "Thumper in a mall. That's my idea of helpless."

Thumper: "I just wish all the sex were worth all the hassle."

Thumper: "It's not a date."
Yancy: "I hope not, otherwise I'd have to sleep with you and never hear from you again."

David on Thumper: "He is capable of love. I mean, I know he loves golf."

Yancy: "I'm so attracted to you. And I feel really comfortable with you. How do you feel...?"
Thumper: "Aroused."
Yancy: "You're a jerk."
Thumper: "Yeah, but I kiss good."
Yancy: "Yeah, well you should, you practice enough."

Thumper: "We just have a really good time together. I don't want to do anything to mess that up."
David: "Don't worry, you will."

Thumper: "I once got kicked in the crotch playing soccer in high shcool. And I tried breathing deeply, I did a few knee bends, but in the end I just had to lie in the grass until the pain went away. That's how I felt after Yancy."

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